Crimea Bike Camp
About camp
We are crazy about riding mountain bike. After more than 10 years' experience this has helped us to organize «Crimea Bike Camp». We offer you today the chance to become a participant!

First of all, the camp is designed for those who have started riding recently with no mountain experience. We will be riding in different parts of Crimea. Our guides will assist in choosing the trails difficulty level according to participants riding skills and ability. It is easier to learn riding in a group and riders skills and ability will improve significantly by the end of the course.
For mountain bikers who have some experience we can offer a riding program with our friends amongst whom are some famous riders. They will gladly share their experience and give you some advise on riding technique while being you guides. As the saying goes: if you want to ride better — ride with the best.

The week course program includes accommodation in a bike-guesthouse, catering (three meals a day), transfer from the airport to the hotel and back to the airport as well as the daily transfers up to the mountain and the guide service. All you need is to buy a course and anairplane ticket. You will spend an unforgettable week with us, riding various mountain trails of Crimea in a great company.
Riding zone
The main riding zone is the Ai-Petri Mountain. Here are many trails of different difficulty levels. This is where we will spend the most of the time. We try to increase difficulty step by step, starting from the easier trails to more difficult ones. The riding is going to be downhill, without pedaling in enduro style. Not all the trails can be reached by car so we will have to walk to a starting point sometimes.
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Getting up to the mountain
Daily our own comfortable minibus will carry the group up to the mount. The bus will be with the group during the entire day. It takes about 40-50 minutes to get up to the peak. Onboard our «liner» you can use free Wi-Fi, listen to some music and we will try to provide all the charger types for your devices. Our specially designed bike-trailer with the quick load/unload system will provide safe transportation of your bikes. Normally group would make 3-5 rounds a day, it depends on group riding level and the distance to the trail.
We have rented homely apartments especially for the camp participants in a famous bike-hotel. Three rooms with 3+2+2 people placement with access to the balcony and great view of the sea. Shared toilet and shower are combined on the floor. There is a kitchen with a stove, fridge and all the kitchenware needed. Riders can spend some time together watching videos, discussing the day activities and plans for tomorrow in a cozy living area. There are bike wash facilities, a fully equipped garage for safe bike storage and a bike-repair zone.
Good nutrition is a guarantee of a productive day. Our camp provides three meals a day: ahearty breakfast, a snack with a sandwich and a soft drink on the slope during a day time and a dinner, consisting of starter, soup and a main course. We traditionally alternate European and Crimean-Tatar cuisine. Once during the course, usually Thursday or Friday we have a barbeque or pilaf in a special cauldron, called «kazan». We will not let you starve.
Our guides
People, who make your staying in our camp
better every day.
  • Ivan Kunaev
    Multiple prizewinner of DH championships and cups in Russia. Member of Russian mountain bike team. Sportsman to the core. His approach is to be all in. It will be fun riding with him, just don't lag behind.
  • Andrey Dzhybrail
    Member of Russian mountain bike team. Professional trail-builder. He was building trails for Russian Championship and for international competitions Free Rate DH. The most cheerful of all the guides — he can parody Justin Bieber or perform a Futterwacking dance.
  • Alexander Vyrodov
    Participant and medalist of Crimea mountain bike competitions. A fan of huge gaps and drops. Excuses like — «Oh! I am scared» — will not work on him. He will provide a charge of positive emotions by showing you the toughest trajectories.
  • Alexander Pryanishnikov
    Participant of Russian and international competitions. Organizer and coordinator of the Crimea Bike Camp. He will make sure that everybody is fed well and not got lost in the woods, unless he gets lost himself earlier than the others.
Our advantages
Daily we are trying to become more useful
for our participants.
  • Our own transfer
    Daily our own comfortable minibus carries group up to the mountain. Your bikes are safely transported on a specially designed bike-trailer with a quick load/unload option.
  • Accommodation and catering
    Homely apartments equipped with everything for comfortable living. Three times a day catering: full breakfast, dinner and a lunch on the mountain.
  • Shift program
    Fertile 6-days program includes riding prepared and interesting trails of Ai-Petri and voyages to other riding spots.
  • Photo and video
    Our photographer works with the camp participants. Photos and video will be a good memory of the great time, which you have spent in the camp.
  • Bike wash
    Easy to use and powerful Karcher washer will help you keep your bike clean during wet weather.
  • Delivery. Assembly. Repair.
    There is no need to take your bike with you in the plane. Take care of sending your bike to us with the transport company. We will receive your bike and will get it ready for your arrival.*
  • Season storage
    We can offer season bike storage to those who come to Crimea frequently during the season. We can also send it to your address if needed.*
  • Souvenirs
    We have prepared nice souvenirs with camp logos for our participants to keep a good memory.
Average day in camp
Wake upngat 8 in the morning. Then it is time for wash up, morning exercises and breakfast. At 9:30 we are loading to the transport and heading up to the mountain. It takes 40-50 minutes to get to the top. At 10:30 we warm-up and start the first trail. We ride up to 1 p.m., then have lunch on the mountain with sandwiches and soft drinks and then continue riding. At about 6 p.m. we get back to the hotel, have some rest and dinner at 7 p.m. After the dinner we discuss the day we spent with all the camp participants and make plans for the next day.
Schedule and prices
Price includes accommodation in a hotel (7 nights), 3 meals catering (breakfast, lunch on the mountain, dinner), transfer form/to the airport, transport up to the mountain (6 riding days), guide service. We have discounts for early booking (4 months beforehand) and for the groups (3 people and more).

For your convenience we offer you an additional service of sending your bike with a transport company. You can send your bike beforehand from your place to Yalta with a transport company. We receive the bike, keep it safely, assemble and tune it. We can also send your bike back to you afterwards. The transport companies we work with are: PEK, KIT, SDEK, Energiya,. This service will let you avoid extra luggage payments and simplify your flight. Contact us to find out more information.
Questions and answers
What do I have to bring with me for a riding?
We recommend bringing a full protection set: full-face helmet, spine, knee and elbow protection, goggles and gloves. You will also need a mountain bike for extreme riding, preferably full suspension, not less than 130 mm travel. It is also important to take care of fresh tires with aggressive tread, suitable for rocky trails. Check brake pads condition and make sure you have at least spare pair with you.

Is it possible to arrange the delivery of my bike with a transport company?
For the convenience of our camp participants we offer you a service of receiving your bike from transport company. At the moment there are few transport companies working in Yalta: PEK, KIT, SDEK, Energiya, Bystrayapochta. Contact us to find out the costs of this service.

Is there a bike repair and assembly facilities?
There is a repair zone in the hotel, which can be used by participants as well as all necessary tools. Our mechanic will take care of more complicated repair for an additional payment.
How many runs (up and down) is it possible to make during a day?
Normally we do 3-5 runs a day. It depends mostly of the group riding skills level, difficulty of the trail or a riding program.

How can I book a course in the camp?
You will need to make a deposit to book your stay in the camp. As soon as the group is fully completed, you will need to pay the balance of the full cost of the course during five days.

How do I make a payment?
You can make a payment through a bank transfer or card-to-card transfer.

Is it possible to refund if I change my plans?
We will refund you full amount if you inform us about cancelation 90 days before the trip. We will refund 80% if you inform us less than 90 days before the course starts, and 50% - if less than 30 days. No refund if it is later. We will refund you the full amount if you have evidence from your doctor that your health condition does not let you come (broken limbs or hospitalization).
What are the details of the airport transfer?
Normally the arrival and departure day is on Sunday. In the morning the vehicle delivers the departing group to the airport and meets the arriving group.

Is it possible to come by my own car?
Yes, it is possible. You can park your car near the hotel.

What are the hotel check in/check out times?
Check in time is after 4 p.m. the arrival day. Check out time is before 12 noon the departure day.

I am pretty confident at riding in mountains and I want to increase my level. Who can help me with this?
For the participants with the good riding level we organize special groups. Specially invited famous riders will help to increase riding technic and level while being a guide in such groups.

What is the minimum age for the participants?
The participation in the camp is possible for 18 years old risers and older.

Still have some questions? Ask!
Getting there
By plane
Simferopol airport (SIP). It takes about 2,5 hours to fly from Moscow to Simferopol. The transfer from airport to Yalta, Koreiz will take you another 1,5-2 hours.

By car
You can get to Crimea from your place by ferry crossing Caucasus-Crimea. We recommend buying a ticket through Internet beforehand. It takes 30 minutes to cross by ferry. Then follow the direction of Yalta, Koreiz.
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Photos: Nastya Dovbnya, Lera Vyrodova